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Video: Using Demolition Tools for Deck Repair |

Video: Using Demolition Tools for Deck Repair |

Pulling apart an old deck?  This is the Tools segment of a series from eHow that covers the basics.


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Hello world!

Welcome to my wee little, oft neglected blog ūüôā ¬†Like the waves, it all comes back to you. ¬†I try to use things in a way that doesn’t poison the planet. ¬†Sometimes I even fancy an idea as clever or best said, helpful to know if you’re doing something similar. ¬†I am adventurous up to electrical and plumbing, which I am more familiar with the latter unfortunately. ¬†I like to change things that aren’t so great and make them better. ¬†This is my blog and my house is my canvas. ¬†I’m setting up a somewhat sustainable backyard. ¬†Project lists include rain chains, relocating and redesigning a garden retreat, bunny hutch and endless nitrogen-rich fertilizer for the garden, rain barrel system, fire pit from reclaimed bricks from a chimney I tore down, removing and installing energy efficient windows, rehabbing a deck, and remodeling the kitchen to install renewable bamboo floors and ripping the bathroom pretty much down to the subfloor. ¬†It’s going to be quite a journey. ¬†You’re welcome to come along, but fair warning, posts will come along as the projects do…

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