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Rabbit Coat Colors – General Descriptions

Buttercup the baby bunny

Sweet little bunny…

I’m beginning the “go” phase in the garden.  As in, it’s bunny time!  I’ve heard and read about the wonders of bunny poo for a garden, and with a face this cute, why not?  I’m in search of the perfect bunny, but combing the internet can be a little confusing when you’re trying to put colors and patterns into perspective.  So, I know  I know what I want, but the color designations are less helpful for a bunny novice such as myself.  I want another Buttercup.  That would be in my mind a yellow bunny with white… but that’s not how bunnies are described.  Yellow with white translates to “broken” for the white and “Fawn” or “Orange” for the yellow?  It’s a bit of a language unto itself, but I found this pretty well laid out in the article (linked below).

If you’re traversing the maze of color lingo, to select your perfect bunny, this is a good start.

Rabbit Coat Colors – General Descriptions

Update (July) – Got two sweet bunnies.  Not exactly Buttercup, but these two are pretty sweet as well 🙂

Meet the bunnies.  These two are adorable... and constantly curious.

Meet the bunnies. These two are adorable… and constantly curious.


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