As I truck along in life it seems I find things out that could benefit others to know before they launch into their own DIY projects.  This is where I’m going to put down my findings and just maybe save someone some grief, all the while proving that just because you’re a single girl doesn’t mean you can’t DIY your way to the house you want and do it in a way that cleverly disguises that you did it all without paying out big bucks.

I’m on my second childhood, single because I love independence, have been known to stand in the wood aisle at Home Depot just breathing in the scent of lumber and can’t cook a lick – but I do enjoy savvy style and – having been a student for what feels like forever – on a budget.

Hail and wind storms ripped up my neighborhood last spring…  $21,000 in damages.  What a fun process this is?  I am slow.   Remodeling in winter ensures this, but I’m also a self-employed architectural graphic designer and I’m filling the vaccuum of time where educational pursuits once lived, until my graduation a few months ago, with renovations to my tiny little house.  I do make progress, and I love the DIY feeling when the job’s well done.

Blar bee blar blar?  Why do you come to a blog?  Someone put out a how to?  Good ideas?  Unintentional motivation?  Yes.


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